Giant teddies for different occasions

Usually you give your partner flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day and your little niece for her birthday a drawing book and pencils. But if you are looking for a more unusual gift or if you want to buy yourself a quiet partner to cuddle, nothing can go wrong with a giant teddy – who can resist the cute button eyes and the sweet snout?

The large stuffed animals are offered in different colors and with a wide variety of accessories. If the giant teddy bear is an expression of love and affection for your girlfriend, embroideries such as “I love you!” make sense. There are also very cute giant plush bears with a heart in their paws.

Big teddy bears with scarf are sweet as well – they are very suitable as a birthday present. If you don’t want to give away a typical brown giant teddy, you could also choose an XXL panda, for example.

So why don’t you buy a giant teddy bear for your loved one?

Riesen Teddy so süß

Personalized XXL teddies

xxl teddybär mit kleinem mädchen

On Amazon some sellers also offer the personalization of the large cuddly toys. You have the possibility to have the ribbons provided with a date or the name of the person receiving the present.

To give the gift a personal touch, it is not absolutely necessary to have it embroidered with initials or the name. It is also very personal if you cover the giant teddy with a printed T-shirt. For example, have a shirt printed with a common photo and put it on the teddy bear. Not only does this look great, but it also signals to the recipient that you have thought something about the gift.

You can also spray your favourite perfume on the XXL teddy, which also gives it a personal touch.

Do not forget to tell the gifted, that they have to clean the XXL teddy bear regularly, so they can enjoy them as long as possible.

Teddy costumes

Junge mit riesen Teddy im Arm

Admittedly, a teddy costume doesn’t really have much to do with a stuffed animal – after all, the costume “lives” from the wearer. The XXL teddy bear, on the other hand, radiates warmth and love without having to be worn.

Since the featured film “TED”* at the latest, it came to some people’s minds to dress up as a teddy bear. Who disguises himself, would also like to stand out. For this purpose, a teddy costume that looks as if the dressed-up one sits on the shoulders of the teddy bear.

Of course there are also typical costumes with dark brown or light brown fur and mask.

Text me if you have any questions about giant teddy bears and I will try to help you out!

Riesen Teddy Bild

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