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Mädchen mit Riesen Teddybär

The cleaning of a giant teddy bear can – not only because of its size – become a real mammothtask.

So that the cuddly sweet teddy bear can be enjoyed for as long as somehow possible, it should also be well-groomed. The fact that you or the presentee cannot simply put it in the washing machine is obvious due to its size. You should also avoid putting the huge stuffed animal in the shower and rinsing it off. If you do this, you run the risk of the lining it is stuffed with clumpingand tearing seams during drying.

Removing house dust mites

The most important thing is to clean the giant teddy regularly immediately after purchasing it. This means that you should at best clean it regularly with a soft brush. Once there is a thick layer of dust on the XXL teddy bear, it becomes difficult to remove it without residue with a brush or even a cloth.

If you or the user should additionally react allergically to house dust mites, a more intensive and above all permanent care and if necessary a pre-treatment of the giant teddy is extremely important. Directly after you have received the XXL teddy bear, you should spray it with an anti-mite-spray. There are many products that ensure that mites die off and consequently no more nest on the bear’s coat. Spray it generously on the giant teddy bear and let the active ingredients of the mite spray take effect.

Depending on the severity of the allergy, so-called mattress vacuum cleaners are also available, which you can use for the giant teddy bear as well. These are particularly efficient and absorb the mites and their excrements virtually from the inside of the XXL teddy bear and collect them in a special filter.

Stain removal

If soiled by a spilled drink or dirty hands, it is advisable to dab this stain immediately with a damp cloth – avoid making circular movements to not to enlarge the stain and allow the stains to penetrate deeper into the tissue. Then, at best, take a dry cloth and dab the water-soaked areas. Then you can try to dry the area with the help of a hair dryer.

If the stain cannot be removed with warm water, you can use special stain removers. Simply using detergent or soap can be fatal, as these couldcontain ingredients that react with the material of the giant teddy bear and can therefore cause damage. When using the product, make sure to not “rub in”, but apply it first, allow it to work and then dab it off.

Alternatively, so-called spot erasers can be used. You use these as usual erasers (in school time). Use caution to prevent the stain from spreading further if the eraser does not “work”.

Remove odors

The material of the giant teddy bears is (not so) hard-wearing, depending on the quality. Therefore, you should be very careful when using odor removers.

Probably the most natural way to neutralize odors is coffee (brew). Place a few cups of coffee and/or coffee brew around the big teddy bear so that the smell of the perhaps somewhat musty teddy can evaporate. At best, you somehow manage to pack the XXL teddy bear in a big bag with the coffee, so that the intense coffee smell can set on the teddy and thus unfold its effect. If you are worried that your giant teddy smells of coffee afterwardshe won’t! The coffee smell evaporates quickly and remains a neutral-smelling cuddly toy.

If the coffee method does not produce the desired results, special textile sprays could help.

leckerer Kaffee Sud zum Neutralisieren von Gerüchen Aroma

If you are considering buying another person a giant teddy bear for a special occasion, try to remember the tips for cleaning and odor neutralization so that you can pass them on to the recipient.

Sodium bicarbonate as a natural remedy against odors

If a treatment in a particularly natural way is important to you, then at least for odor neutralization a natural agent can be used – sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda.

Watch the (german) Youtube video to see how easy it is to use. Take your giant teddy outside at best and sprinkle it with sufficient baking soda. Then massage in the baking soda with a brush and tap it off afterwards. Now the XXL teddy bear should carry no more unpleasant smells.

Text me if you have any questions about giant teddy bears and I will try to help you out!

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