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Giant teddy bears are a cuddly toy for many children and at least for some adults, which make the eyes light up. Nevertheless, only very few are lucky enough to have received one at a young age. Almost every shooting range at the fair advertises such XXL teddies, but somehow no one ever wins them. And if you wished for an oversized cuddly bear for your birthday or Christmas, you immediately got the politely packaged refusal from your parents: “Why do you need such a huge teddy bear?” Probably the most plausible answer would be: “To screw in and fall asleep!”.

Anyone who has ever tried to buy a giant teddy bear in the offline world knows how difficult it is to find suitable stores. If you find such a shop, then the XXL teddy bear costs almost a fortune, not to mention transport home.

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Popular giant teddy bears

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Usually you only buy this oversized cuddly toy for special occasions, like the birthday of your little daughter, Valentine’s Day for your partner or – and this happens quite often – for yourself. However, the question arises where to get one. Only very few shops run and sell the extraordinarily large teddies. In addition, you would – justifiably – feel stupid if you were standing at the cash desk with a 79 inches teddy bear and then driving it home by car or bus.

Therefore, there are four main reasons to buy the object of desire online. On the one hand, it is extremely convenient to order a giant teddy from home and without stress, instead of carrying it across town from the shop to your home. On the other hand, you have the possibility to look at different models, colours and shapes within a very short time. Another reason why you should buy your XXL teddy online is the opportunity to compare customer reviews and match them with your requirements. Besides, it is almost in the nature of man that he takes care of a suitable gift much too late – or is it different for you? And this is also the fourth advantage: online shops like Amazon offer (free) express “same day delivery”.

Selection of different XXL teddies

Giant teddy bears on

In this paragraph the uncomplicated order process on Amazon is to be represented to you.

buying on amazon
  1. here you can see who the manufacturer of the XXL teddy is.
  1. if you can see the prime logo here, you will receive the ordered giant teddy bear within 48 hours after shipment! In other cases, the delivery time is usually only slightly longer (often just one additional day). If you order frequently and at short notice on Amazon, it is a good idea to make use of the prime service. This costs 12,99$ per month or 119$ per year. You can activate a free trial month* and have the XXL teddy beardelivered to your home free of charge and in no time at all.
  1. here you can see if the desired teddy bear is currently in stock and how many days the shipping time is estimated. If the giant Teddy is currently out of stock, it usually only takes a few days until it is available again. You can order the product in any case, even if it is currently not available. As soon as it is in stock again, it will be sent to you.
  1. in this line you see who the seller is and who is shipping the big teddy bearDepending on whether it is offered and/or sent by a third party (not Amazon), this may affect possible complaints and returns. This is because Amazon acts very quickly in the handling of complaints and refunds.
Teddy bears in huge sizes

XXL teddies in different colors

The oversized cuddly bears are available in many different and special freaky colors. Besides white – as it is the color of the polar bear’s coat – and brown giant teddy bears, there are also blackpink and red specimens to buy. In the shop you will find a huge selection of different teddy bears.

There you can sort the products according to size, colour and special features, which will make it even easier for you to choose a suitable XXL teddy.

Colorful giant teddy bears

Text me if you have any questions about giant teddy bears and I will try to help you out!

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