Giant teddies - friends for life

If Marilyn Monroe had a teddy, she would probably have sung: “Teddies are a girls best friend!” But not only girls, also boys and many adults love these fluffy stuffed bears above all. Because a teddy bear is no companion like any other – it is something very special. And the bigger a teddy bear is, the more love there is in it!

If you gift an XXL teddy bear, you give away a lot of love. If you own one, you never feel alone. The fluffy fellows are much more than just a piece of plush with button eyes – teddies have a soul and need to be cleaned as well.  You can tell just by the charisma of a giant teddy. A giant teddy bear in the room never goes unnoticed. When you enter the room where a giant teddy bear lives, all you can do is notice the cuddly inhabitant first and then enjoy him.

Teddies have the almost magical ability to make people smile. Especially children are naturally receptive to the magical charm of cuddly giant teddies and as a gift a huge teddy also guarantees huge joy. Erich Kästner once said: “Only the one who grows up and remains a child is a human being”, which explains why so many adult teddy lovers and collectors are so lovable people who have retained the capacity for childlike joy!

Riesen Teddy so süß

The most popular giant teddy bears

XXL cuddly-teddy (39 inches)

  • Someone to love and cuddle with – so soft and fleecy!
  • A huge teddy bear to hug
  • A real friend to chat with

Giant teddy bear (47 inches)

  • This XXL teddy bear is the perfect companion for young and old!
  • A fleecy XXL teddy bear to cuddle – premium quality!
  • He listens to you, comforts you is always on your side!

Giant teddy (39 inches)

  • Lovely teddy bear with big wide eyes and a blue neckerchief
  • Friendly and sweet face
  • Very detailed piece of work, which captivates with its fleecy fur and quality

XXL teddy - your faithful companion

Everybody loves little teddies, no question. Little teddies awaken our protective instincts, almost like real babies. We want to take care of them, protect and spoil them. Such a teddy love goes to heart. Big teddies, on the other hand, have the opposite effect – they seem like protectors to us! Cuddly, warm protectors who comfort and understand us at all times! For small children there is nothing bigger than an XXL teddy bear in which you can snuggle up and hide behind the strong arms.

But the XXL teddy also has an almost therapeutic effect on adults. You don’t believe that? Give it a try! Even the hardest men discover their butter-soft core when they come across an XXL teddy. At the latest, when you have one of these fluffy companions sitting on the sofa and offer a man the place next to him, you can watch the fascinating spectacle. The teddy bear will automatically start flirting with this tough man and skilfully wrap him around his finger. First, they look at each other stealthily, then even the coolest macho shyly replies the loving smile of the fluffy new buddy and the next time you look, the two sit next to each other like familiar old friends.

Of course, we could now explain this phenomenon scientifically. We humans are polarized by evolution to relax and feel comfortable when we see a loving face – and nobody has such a loving, expressive face as an elaborately crafted quality teddy!

Mädchen mit Riesen Teddybär

And where it is warm and soft, we relax as if by itself, because this cuddly feeling leads us back to our earliest childhood, when we were still carried and held in our arms and had nothing to worry about. But much better than science we like the explanation that the enchanting charm of the giant teddies simply enchants us. And finally, nobody is such a good listener as a faithful teddy! Of course it is part of the professional honour of teddy bears to keep secrets for themselves. Whether it’s the fear of the first day alone in kindergarten or the tingling in your stomach at your first love – giant teddies can be silent!

A bear with history

The “mother of all bears” was the german dressmaker Margarete Steiff. Although Margarete, born in 1847, already suffered from polio as a small child and remained paralyzed all her life, she did not want to be slowed down by her illness. After all, Margarete had imagination, irrepressible energy and a real fighter’s heart. So she prevailed – against the will of her worried parents – became a seamstress and soon discovered that her animals, originally made as pincushions of fabric, made children’s hearts beat faster.

Margarete quickly resaddled and founded the world-famous toy factory Steiff GmbH. Here Margarete’s nephew Richard Steiff developed a fully movable teddy shortly after 1900 – at thattime a mechanical masterpiece. According to a legend, this teddy bear from mohair plush with the name “55 PB” was sent to America.

Junge mit riesen Teddy im Arm

And this is where the incomprehensible first happened:

Not the bear broke hearts, but the american traders broke the teddy’s heart! They didn’t believe in his success and sent him back. But Margarete would not have been herself if she hadn’t continued fighting for “55 PB”. She took him to the toy fair in Leipzig, Germany. From here, the bear returned to America to continue his adventures, which ended as a world success.

Teddy bear records

World's biggest teddy bear

The biggest teddy bear on earth is located in Kansas, USA and was stitched by the US-American Dana Warren in 2008. The height of the teddy bear led to a Guinness world record. He is no smaller than


World's smallest teddy bear

The smallest stitched teddy bear is from South Africa. It was stitched by Cheryl Moss and its height is


The biggest teddy bear collection​

Jackie Miley, who is an US-american citizen, started collecting teddy bears many years ago. Today, her collection is the biggest world wide – she owns about


The most expensive teddy bear​

The Louis Vuitton-teddy-bear from Steiff is the mostexpensive and modern teddy bear on earth. Someone bought him on an auction for

XXL Teddy Rekorde

The highest teddy-skyfall

Teddy “Babbage” was 33,9 yards higher than the strotosphere-world-record of Felix Baumgartner. So he jumped from an height of


More about the world's smallest & largest teddy bear

In 1998 the current official Guinness Book of Records holder Cheryl Moss stitched a teddy bear (“Wee Bear”), which measures only 0.25 inches. It is unclear why this teddy bear and also that of Bettina Kaminski from Germany – she stitched a micro teddy bear (“Mini the Pooh”) in 2001, which measures only 0.19 inches – was not included in the Guinness Book of Records. Only in 2003 the 0.354 inches tall one – and thus far larger teddy bear – was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

And now the story becomes even more interesting: Cheryl Moss, who has officially made the world’s smallest teddy bear to date (2018), made a teddy bear (“Tiny Ted”) in 2006 that is only half the current and officially smallest: 0,17 inches. But this is not the end of the story.

About the supposedly biggest teddy bear of the world you can read on many internet pages that he is sitting in the Teddy-Museum in Sonneberg, Germany. Allegedly he is with his 220.47 inches the biggest in the world. That is wrong, though. The 663.77 inches tall teddy bear called “C.T. Dreams”, which has been created by the American Dana Warren on the 6th of June 2008, is officially the largest teddy bear in the world. It can be admired at Exploration Place, Wichita, Kansas, USA.

Und nun wird die Geschichte noch interessanter: Cheryl Moss, die den bis heute (2018) offiziell kleinsten Teddybären der Welt genäht hat, hat 2006 einen Teddybären (“Tiny Ted”) gefertigt, der nur halb so groß ist, wie der aktuell und offiziell kleinste: 4.5mm. Die Story ist aber damit noch nicht zu Ende erzählt.

Über den vermeintlich größten Teddybären der Welt liest man auf vielen Internetseiten, dass dieser im Teddy-Museum in Sonneberg, Deutschland, sitzt. Angeblich sei er mit seinen 560cm der größte der Welt. Das ist allerdings falsch. Der seit dem 6. Juni 2008 von der US-Amerikanerin Dana Warren genähte und 16.86 Meter große Teddybär namens “C.T. Dreams” ist offiziell der größte Teddy der Welt. Er kann im Exploration Place, Wichita, Kansas, USA, bestaunt werden.

What are the quality characteristics of a giant teddy?

großer XXL Teddy von links

Especially those who give gifts to children naturally want to make sure that they do not give away any hazardous substances or other risks such as swallowable small parts. There are therefore some quality features that you can clearly orientate yourself by when choosing a giant teddy. If you pay attention to quality-symbols when buying an XXL teddy, you can be sure that these teddies are regularly checked for high safety standards.

The “CE” marking tells you whether the teddy bear complies with EU directives and excludes you from buying a teddy bear from low-wage countries that is neither free of harmful substances nor guarantees fair working conditions for local people.

Reliable manufacturers* also provide information on their websites about the manufacturing processes and the materials used. Transparency and traceability of exactly where a teddy bear comes from and ultimately create consumer confidence. Portals such as (the german) Stiftung Warentest or Öko-Test also regularly take a close look at stuffed animals and provide detailed information about the results. The seals and test results allow you to see exactly whether a quality bear is involved.

Good workmanship is also important. Not only the famous bear Pooh was dragged down the stairs again and again “lovingly” by his little owner – a beloved teddy bear must be robust! This is where customer ratings on the Internet help.

What to look out for when buying

Often we see a teddy bear and feel love at first sight – but stop! Especially when the plush bear is to become a companion of a child, it is advisable to think for a moment about the purchase. You have already been informed about the seals that give you information about the safety of the bearded journeyman. But also act according to your own senses!

Do not be afraid to take an XXL teddy in the shop quietly times on the arm! Does it feel soft and comfortable or is its coat rather scratchy? Does he smell unpleasantly of chemicals? Despite its size, is it so light that your child can carry it around with him? A teddy bear wants to participate in family life! The face is also crucial. A good quality teddy bear is of high quality and has lovingly designed details.

Of course, quality is also reflected in the price. However, if you consider how long you will enjoy a lovable teddy bear, the slightly higher price over the years seems negligible.

Riesen Teddy in der Kiste


Production according to DIN EN 71

hardly inflammable


XXL teddy's little brother

Teddy bears are known to be very sociable and also like to share their quarters with smaller teddies. Some collectors can’t resist and line up their beloved teddies on the sofa like the organ pipes. For children, however, the smaller siblings of a giant teddy bear have a much more important meaning.

Children first have to find their position in the family and thus experience completely natural conflicts with their siblings time and again. Teddies of different sizes can work miracles here as identification figures and strengthen the self-confidence.

Kinder müssen ihre Position in der Familie erst finden und erleben dadurch immer wieder ganz natürliche Konflikte mit den Geschwistern. Teddys in verschiedenen Größen können hier als Identifikationsfigur wahre Wunder wirken und das Selbstvertrauen stärken.

How did the teddy get his name?

xxl teddybär mit kleinem mädchen

Have you ever noticed that no other stuffed animal has its own name? Many imaginatively and lovingly designed stuffed animals would undoubtedly deserve their own name, but the teddy bear is unique. People all over the world associate the name “Teddy” with comforting thoughts of their very first great love – the stuffed bear, who walked through thick and thin with them. But how did this happen?

You’ve heard of the great-grandfather of all bears, the legendary “55 PB”, but how did the adventures continue? He is said to have travelled from the Leipzig “Toy Fair” back to the US and wandered through several loveless hands.

Yes, even teddies know how grief feels, that’s why they are such sensitive listeners! At some point the brave bear landed in the shop window of a store and was discovered there by the secretary of acting President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

The secretary had a heart for this one bear and bought it for the birthday of Roosevelt’s daughter. For the little girl and “55 PB” it was love at first sight. She affectionately named her new friend “Teddy” after her father and since then the triumphant procession of the fluffy journeyman can no longer be stopped. It is rumored that the first teddy bear to live in the White House is still an unforgettable celebrity among all teddies. Ask your own teddy – he will know!

Give away personalized teddies with names!

Of course, teddies in themselves are lovely individuals. But they become even more personal if you have them embroidered with a name. There are numerous occasions for this, from the birth of a baby to the school enrolment to the wedding of a couple because teddies can not only be personalized with embroidered names, but also with dates!

For children, of course, their birthday is a very important day of the year. A “love bear” or a teddy bear with heart, name of the bridal couple & the wedding date ensures in a charming way that the wedding day can never be forgotten by the groom! With such an individual gift you are always on the safe side – because nobody else guarantees such a beautiful gift.

Red big teddy

Customize your big red teddy bear with 30 charactares on the ribbon. This is perfect to wish a happ birthday or tell someone, you love her/him!

Big tan teddy

Personalize the neck-ribbon of the giant teddy bear with a individual text for your loved one. Tell him or her why you love her or just print some funny words on it!

White giant teddy

Just take the huge 60 inch big white teddy bear and customize the ribbon with some characters. The gifted will be very touched!

Text me if you have any questions about giant teddy bears and I will try to help you out!

Riesen Teddy Bild

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